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​Recent Notable Cases

 Regina v. J.K. 2017 Powell River 

Serious charges of child molestation made by two separate complainants were dismissed after two preliminary hearings and cross examination of each complainant by Mr. Briggs.

  Regina v. JH et al  2016 BCSC 1800 

 Our client JH was charged with conspiracy to  import and traffic in 500lbs of cocaine. Acquitted of the most serious charge of importation. 

Regina v. DA 2015 Richmond Crt

   Our client was arrested at YVR airport carrying 60lbs of 

marijuana in two large suitcases. Mr. Briggs applied to exclude

all evidence obtained from the arrest due to an unreasonable delay between our client's detention and arrest.

    The trial judge agreed and found the casual attitude of the Police Officer

in waiting for the police dog to conduct a sniff search of the luggage constituted

a serious violation of our client's rights and excluded the 60 lbs of marijuana

from evidence which resulted in the acquittal of our client on all charges. 

Regina v. N.M 2014 Vancouver Provincial Court

Our client was charged with possession of a loaded gun and possession of 1 kg of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Mr. Briggs challenged the 
Prosecution's case and called his client and several witnesses to show that 
his client was not actually residing in the apartment where the gun and drugs were 
found despite being located inside a safe which belonged to his client. 
All serious charges dismissed and our client was found guilty of a minor firearm
violation and received a conditional discharge with no criminal record.

  Regina v. G.M. 2013 Vancouver Provincial  Court 

 Our client's ex-girlfriend made serious allegations of assaul against our client. 

After a vigourous cross-examination of our client's ex girlfirend by Mr. Briggs, 

our client testified and was completely believed by the judge and all charges 

were dismissed. 

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